A new enemy has appeared. "Super Bosses", as they've been called have started to take control of the land. It is up to you to put an end to every super boss you encounter.

Additional Backstory
You're a small circle with a state of the art “laser cannon” that has an outstanding effect when used against these enemies. Once you defeat all of the “Super Bosses” in the game, the world will congratulate your success. But if you fail to exterminate the enemy kind, then the world will be forever ruled by the evil “Super Bosses”.

Defeat all of the superbosses. There is one at the start, but if 24 standard enemies come together, a new superboss will form!

Left Click to Shoot

Created by Charlez245 and cwasserman01 during the full 3 days (*with some procrastination :)*)

Install instructions

Make sure to keep the Windows executable in the same directory as the _Data folder and the .dll file.


Windows, Mac, Linux Executables

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